Restylane Touch™ - For Fine Lines

Restylane Touch is ideal for smoothing away fine or superficial lines. Restylane Touch is injected into the skin to eradicate these tell tale signs of ageing. Restylane Touch is great for;

• Filling niggling imperfections

• Filling in acne scars

• Sleep creases

• Forehead and Periorbital (around the eye) lines in combination with Botox®

• Lipstick bleed lines (a perfect compliment to your lip enhancement with Restylane Lipp™ or Restylane Lidocaine)




Restylane and Restylane Perlane™ - For Facial Lines

Restylane and Restylane Perlane are used to treat deeper facial lines . Both Restylane and Restylane Perlane are ideal for;

• Diminishing the appearance of frown lines on the forehead and above the nose

• Softening the harsh creases from the nose to the mouth

• Correcting ageing marionette lines at the corners of the mouth


What’s more, Restylane Lidocaine and Restylane Perlane Lidocaine are now available, giving you a more comfortable treatment experience.




Lip enhancement with Restylane Lipp™

Restylane Lipp is designed specifically to create beautifully shaped lips. Restylane Lipp gives your lips a natural fullness and a more sensuous look, leaving them soft to touch and irresistibly kissable.

When injected into the lips, Restylane Lipp boosts the skin’s hydration system to lift and smooth away fine lines and creates a natural fullness. Restylane Lipp is tailored for;

• Creating lip volume in the body of the lip to boost fullness

• Enhancing the vermillion border to give a more sculpted look

• Increasing definition to the philtrum ridges to provide more shape


Restylane Lipp is specially formulated to support the lips’ everyday movements – like talking, smiling, laughing and kissing, which improves treatment results and longevity.

By working naturally with the lip tissue, Restylane Lipp sustains lip definition and fullness over time making it the treatment of choice for lip enhancement.


Restylane Lipp can also be combined with other Restylane treatments to enhance your looks, whether you want to banish tell tale ageing frown lines or nose to mouth lines or simply diminish the fine lines above the lips caused by sun damage and smoking.

Restylane Lidocaine can also be used for lip enhancement for a more comfortable treatment experience, for more information – contact us for a consultation.




Revitalising your skin from within…We call it Restylane Vital™

Keeping your looks is not just about the management of facial lines and wrinkles but also good skin quality and texture. Smooth skin is an indicator of youth and becomes more difficult to attain as the years go by. But help is at hand!

The Restylane Vital range restores skin glow and lustre, to refresh your overall appearance. Perfect as a skin nutrition treatment in its own right, Restylane Vital can also be used in conjunction with all the Restylane range to produce outstanding treatment results.

The Restylane Vital™ range offers two products; each carefully designed to revitalise the skin by providing deep dermal hydration; promoting the production of healthy skin by balancing the nutritional environment of the skin by attracting and releasing water when needed.

Skin elasticity and skin smoothness is improved. As a result, skin vitality and lustre is restored and skin looks hydrated and toned. For the best results our practitioner will advise an initial intensive course of 3 or more treatments, each spaced 4 weeks apart.

Treatment benefits generally lasts for around 9 months and can be maintained by repeat treatment once or twice a year.


The Restylane Vital range is perfect for treating;

Restylane Vital™

-Treats the fine crêpey lines caused by over exposure to the sun.

- Boosts the skin’s hydration system to leave the skin looking plump and hydrated.

- Perfect for treating sun damaged skin on the face, back of the hands and décolletage.


Restylane Vital™ Light

- Ideal for thin and delicate skin and where there is a loss in skin firmness and tone

- Perfect for upper face décolletage and neck

- Lip hydration



Facial sculpting with Restylane SubQ™

Keeping your looks is not just about the management of facial lines and wrinkles but more about restoring lost volume in the skin. The good news is that Restylane SubQ provides deep dermal support providing help in the skin where it is needed to restore skin volume and give youthful shape and contour to the face.

The effect is very natural, leaving your skin feeling firmer but soft to touch. Restylane SubQ is suitable for a wide range of patients seeking to improve their facial shape and definition without resorting to surgery or having permanent implants.

Restylane SubQ provides a non-surgical mid face lift. Whilst restoring volume in the skin in the upper half of the face to give a more youthful shape, it also diminishes the appearance of nose to mouth lines, to give a fresher look.

Restylane SubQ also has the advantages of having long lasting results, in excess of a year, and being a nonpermanent treatment. The gel in Restylane SubQ biodegrades naturally and safely over time.

Beauty trends come and go and you do not want to land yourself with a look that you may regret in years to come. You also need to retain flexibility and control over your looks because your face changes shape as you age.

As with all injectable treatments, some localised bruising and swelling can occur after treatment with Restylane SubQ. These side effects are temporary and usually disappear after 48 hours.